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dearth / недостаток, нехватка, голод
имя существительное
lack, drawback, flaw, deficiency, shortage, dearth
shortage, scarcity, deficiency, deficit, dearth, need
hunger, famine, starvation, dearth, famishment
имя существительное
a scarcity or lack of something.
there is a dearth of evidence
These failures can be partially attributed to a lack of political will and a dearth of resources.
After talking for a while, we went in search for a place to eat lunch - it's not as if there was a dearth of such places.
The lacklustre session was characterised by a dearth of corporate news and subdued trading ahead of the weekend.
Other voluntary groups in the city are also noticing a dearth of young volunteers in these busy times.
Yet there appears to be a dearth of qualified people who are both willing and able to step forward and provide better leadership.
there is a dearth of evidence
This season there has been a dearth of good supernatural television, and hopefully this will fit the bill.
Businesses will have drops in sales as they suffer a dearth of customers.
It is an acknowledged fact that there is a dearth of quality scripts in Hollywood as well.
This problem is exacerbated by a dearth of social housing projects in the Lower Mainland.