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dearly / дорого, нежно, дорогой ценой
dearly, dear, at a high figure
gently, soft, dearly, fondly, affectionately
дорогой ценой
very much.
he loved his parents dearly
with much loss or suffering; at great cost.
freedom to worship our religion has been bought dearly
One of his greatest joys in life was spending time with his family, whom he loved dearly and by whom he will be sadly missed.
But the support of the other members of the world community will be more dearly bought.
The tiny lunatic fringe that has jumped on the anti-war bandwagon could cost this country dearly .
There are so many things about this country that I have grown to love dearly .
He said it would cost the government dearly to buy and maintain existing roads from private operators.
That will require a significant investment by them, and again will cost taxpayers dearly .
In the final analysis, though, it was errors in defence that cost the Cougars dearly .
freedom to worship our religion has been bought dearly
I should dearly love to be musical, to be able to play an instrument.
he loved his parents dearly