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dearie / дорогая, милочка, голубчик
имя существительное
sweetheart, love, sweetie, sweet, dearie, deary
dearie, lassie, deary, sugar
ducky, honey, dearie, dove, sugar, deary
имя существительное
used as a friendly or condescending form of address.
You need anything else, dearies , you don't hesitate to ask, all right?
Come to the kitchen dearie , you need a warm bath.
It was coming, I knew it was… ‘So, dearie , have you got a boyfriend yet?’
Don't get all jealous now dearie - we both know that you're the only one for him.
Well, of course, dearie , it's only good manners to be ashamed of it; it's expected from a woman.
Hate to break it to you, dearie , but in case you haven't noticed, the power is out.
‘Don't worry, dearie ,’ one of them smiled, placing an old hand on his.
Are you going to cry in this movie - again - like you have in the past 79,000, dearie ?
Mrs. Bradbury sympathized and comforted her, saying, ‘One day he'll be back for you, dearie .’
Sit yourself down, dearie , and tell me everything.
‘It's just your imagination, dearie ,’ the nurse said compassionately.