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dearest / самый дорогой
имя прилагательное
самый дорогой
имя прилагательное
most loved or cherished.
one of my dearest friends
most expensive.
beer is dearest in Germany
Wages in South Lakeland were 20 per cent below the national average, but house prices were the dearest in the North West.
I'm so very sorry if I am, but I need to ask you, my dearest , a couple questions.
I will always love you, my dearest friend, my only sister.
Or I would love a childfree life with my very unique dearest .
And, of course, the person credited with this achievement was Qadeer Khan, who thus became the idol of the people, the dearest of their heroes, the greatest of their redeemers.
Who would have dreamed that our very own closest and dearest would become ‘victims of terror’?
When you visualize yourself and your beloved in three hundred years' time, you just feel so happy that you are alive today and that your dearest is alive today.
According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, London is now the costliest city in the European Union and the fifth dearest in the world.
This Easter weekend was spent in London with two of my dearest (bar the obvious exception), and saw us making the most of this pagan festival in the happy company of a visiting pair.
"I love you, too, sister dearest , " he said, following her into the house.