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dean / декан, дуайен, настоятель собора
имя существительное
doyen, dean
настоятель собора
имя существительное
the head of a college or university faculty or department.
the dean of the law school
the head of the chapter of a cathedral or collegiate church.
The statutes governing most English cathedrals give the dean and chapter together a considerable degree of independence from episcopal control.
One of the duties of the dean of Christ Church is to preach the annual Christmas sermon.
Years later, Wilkins finds herself at a two-year college, not as a student, but as a dean at Georgia Perimeter College in Atlanta.
An economics graduate with a master's in political economy, he resigned as a faculty dean at the University of Malaya to enter politics.
"We have an appointment tomorrow with the dean of engineering at UCLA, " my father said.
The plans are being led by the church's vicar, Canon Derek Jackson, a former dean of Bradford Cathedral.
Li is a surgeon and a former dean of the faculty of medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
He was formerly assistant dean of students and director of residence life at Delaware Valley College.
She went on to work in university positions, eventually becoming the first dean of women students at the University of California, Berkeley.
He always said that he was a priest first and a dean second.
‘There is no better job in the Church of England than being dean of a cathedral,’ she said.