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deafen / оглушать, заглушать, делать звуконепроницаемым
deafen, stun, din, unvoice, knock senseless, devocalize
choke, drown, muffle, silence, damp, deafen
делать звуконепроницаемым
deafen, soundproof
cause (someone) to lose the power of hearing permanently or temporarily.
we were deafened by the explosion
The flash-bang was a stun grenade that got its name from the flash of light it made, as well as the sound of the explosion, which could deafen anyone within the blast radius.
Explosions deafen our ears… we expect a mine to explode under our feet any moment now.
What you're looking for is 100 watts per channel, across all frequencies, which is enough to deafen most people.
The thunderous devices which now pass for fireworks can partially, and sometimes totally, deafen babies and young children, as there is no way of protecting them from the auditory onslaught, even if they are kept indoors.
In Razgrad we had to take breakfast in the coffee bar, and, as we studied the four-choice menu, we were deafened by rap music and engulfed in smoke from the staff's cigarettes.
a man with a megaphone shouted, almost deafening me.
Such desires might seem reasonable if not for the fact that any parent who deafened a hearing baby would be charged with child abuse.
The music deafened me and the crowds terrified me.
Sam's arrival was noticed just as the bell rang, so that she was deafened by the combined sound of the bell and enthusiastic greetings of her friends.
One mortar landed close to Dr Rathmell, and he was knocked to the ground, temporarily deafened by the blast.