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deaf / глухой, глуховатый, тугой на ухо
имя прилагательное
deaf, blind, voiceless, outlandish, unvoiced, indistinct
deaf, cloth-eared
тугой на ухо
deaf, dull of hearing, hard-of-hearing
имя прилагательное
lacking the power of hearing or having impaired hearing.
I'm a bit deaf
Thorn Park School is a day special school for deaf and partially hearing children from two to sixteen years of age.
Amazingly, an appeal judge and the Supreme Court judge ruled that he was not deaf , but merely hard of hearing.
Severely deaf children cannot hear their own voices.
Fear and horror became a routine in Kemet while Akhenaten was blind and deaf to the cries of his people.
He has been in India ever since, setting up his own centre for the deaf at Nambikkai, on the country's southern tip.
All these people are completely deaf to the pleas of business.
While those in positions to bring about change are deaf to their silent cries, WE can respond.
He is not for turning; he is deaf to reason.
Rule of mob is deaf to the voices of reason, and hence the rule of mob must be stopped at all costs.
But the father, deaf to his cries, slays him in his house and prepares an evil feast.