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deadpan / невыразительное лицо, бесстрастное лицо, кислая мина
имя существительное
невыразительное лицо
бесстрастное лицо
poker face, straight face, deadpan
кислая мина
deadpan, acid looks
имя прилагательное
deliberately impassive or expressionless.
answers his phone in a deadpan tone
in a deadpan manner.
Pollsters themselves, and the media who report their findings deadpan , are partly responsible for this.
say something amusing while affecting a serious manner.
“I'm an undercover dentist,” he deadpanned
His expression was deadpan , but I detected the anger.
He's slightly detached, everything delivered in deadpan Liverpudlian tones, like he's doing some spoof of Ringo Starr.
The latter work is done drily, with humor of the most deadpan variety; one never believes that this apprentice truly was in danger.
Tsai's mood is absolutely unique because it can be deeply sad and deadpan funny, highly metaphorical and stubbornly concrete at the same time.
The movie's deadpan tone is perfectly suited to the humour in the material and also keeps Bukowski's own sentimental streak in check.
Despite his deadpan expression, I could tell that he was pleased.
The deadpan expression he wears in almost every scene might seem like heroic stoicism, but it's also the face of deep denial.
‘I hope that Roy Keane is not playing,’ says Arveladze deadpan while shifting his gaze.
The actors move as though struck with severe stage fright: wooden, deadpan and without any remote glimmer of expression.
Stoic bafflement - a deadpan stare into the camera - is Geist's usual game.