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deadly / смертельный, смертоносный, смертный
имя прилагательное
fatal, death, deadly, lethal, mortal, deathly
deadly, lethal, murderous, killing, homicidal, pestilent
mortal, death, deadly, earthborn
deadly, mortally, deathly
extremely, highly, exceedingly, enormously, particularly, deadly
terribly, awfully, horribly, ghastly, dreadfully, deadly
имя прилагательное
causing or able to cause death.
a deadly weapon
in a way resembling or suggesting death; as if dead.
her skin was deadly pale
His face was deadly white, a bloody bandage swathed his neck, and his rainproof was soaked with the blood of a sniper's victim.
"I only joined because of my mother," Chris tells her friend Annie after they've snickered through another deadly lecture on broccoli or carpet.
Morgan Freeman was now speaking in deadly earnest about Rainforests as the Lungs of Our Planet.
Each strike and block was performed with flawless, deadly accuracy.
Viewers today typically consider busts academic, boring, deadly ; in a museum, they are what you walk past on the way to the Impressionists.
"Let me tell you something, " Christian continued, his voice deadly soft.
Voice hated Azrael with a deadly passion.
Byron may have been playing at soldiers, but at the same time he was in deadly earnest.
I lay deadly still and tried to listen for a sound to give me a clue to where I was, but all I could hear was my own erratic breathing.
The director of Amnesty International UK has appealed to the people of west Wiltshire to support the charity's campaign against the worldwide trade in deadly weapons.