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deadline / предельный срок, предел, ремонт
имя существительное
предельный срок
deadline, time-limit
limit, range, scope, bound, margin, deadline
repairs, repair, renovation, overhaul, rehabilitation, deadline
сдать в ремонт
имя существительное
the latest time or date by which something should be completed.
the deadline for submissions is February 5th
a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.
The prison guards, composed mostly of older men and boys, watched from sentry boxes perched atop the stockade and shot any prisoner who crossed a wooden railing, called the " deadline ."
By the end of August, the self-imposed deadline for the completion of the Convention's work was close.
The deadline for the receipt of the questionnaire is Friday April 20, 2001.
Which brings us to today's imposed deadline for Anderson handing in the results of his investigation.
The scattering of the bargaining unit across a whole state and a looming strike deadline only augment the confusion.
The University of Transkei extended its registration deadline yesterday to accommodate financially needy students.
Taylor said he would try other methods of raising the cash if the final deadline was not met.
As for those sick that want to attend, the deadline for submission of names is the end of January.
The Council's deadline for receipt of tenders passed last Friday, April 8.
They were preparing to work through the holidays to make up for a missed deadline for completion of the work.
Council officials received about 39,000 applications by yesterday's 5pm deadline .