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deadhead / рохля, нерешительный человек, неэнергичный человек
имя существительное
нерешительный человек
waverer, deadhead
неэнергичный человек
имя существительное
a fan and follower of the rock group the Grateful Dead.
the Deadhead hard core shadows the band, selling tie-dyes and beads
a commercial carrier with no paying passengers or freight on a trip.
In addition, carriers are playing ‘musical chairs,’ replacing existing customers and lanes with opportunities that minimize deadhead miles and increase overall profitability.
a sunken or partially submerged log.
Another hazard to keep in mind during the pre-spawn is deadheads under the water.
(of a commercial driver, etc.) complete a trip without paying passengers or freight.
trucks deadheading into California to pick up outbound loads
remove dead flower heads from (a plant) to encourage further blooming.
Young plants should be deadheaded after flowering so that the energy they would have spent on fruit or seed then goes into more shoots.
If you're traveling one way, expect to pay for the empty car to deadhead home.
Maybe a vengeful sibling of some deadhead kid who decided to try and abuse a program I had a hand in?
We often deadhead (fly as passengers) to our next assignment.
She seemed perfectly content to sit there and jaw away with this deadhead for the rest of the night if she had to.
It seems anathema to most gardeners to go against their natural instincts to prune, train, stake, deadhead , divide and generally fuss on the plants in their gardens.
Finally, be sure to deadhead faded or drooping blossoms and leaves.
Weir reminds us of the power of each person: ‘If every deadhead in the state of Florida had voted in the last election, it would be a very different world today.’
To keep annuals blooming at the peak of their ability, deadhead regularly.
he calls his airline and gets a seat on the red-eye to deadhead to Boston
I just wanted to let you all know we have announced our deadhead ticket giveaway.