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deaden / заглушать, ослаблять, умерщвлять
choke, drown, muffle, silence, damp, deaden
loosen, weaken, relax, attenuate, reduce, deaden
slay, kill, deaden, crucify
make (a noise or sensation) less intense.
ether was used to deaden the pain
He drank huge quantities of wine in order to deaden the pain.
diabetes can deaden the nerve endings
You don't let it drown you, or deaden you to the point that you're afraid to feel anything for fear of being hurt.
ether was used to deaden the pain
I stuffed tissues into my ears to deaden the sounds of conflict from the other rooms.
He is certainly successful in this, creating a wonderfully intimate sound with no plush production to deaden the enjoyment.
And as a result, you start to build up these thick walls that deaden you.
I carry them with me wherever I go and they help deaden the pain.
laughter might deaden us to the moral issue
This will help deaden the noise of heavy footfalls and provides a much kinder surface to unhook fish on than hard boards.