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de-escalate / сворачивать, сокращать
turn off, curtail, wrap, wrap up, shunt, de-escalate
cut, reduce, shrink, abbreviate, contract, de-escalate
reduce the intensity of (a conflict or potentially violent situation).
You've got to properly staff to do these things, but it's your tactics, your strategy that de-escalates the situation.
Young men who are used to employing overwhelming power are suddenly asked to de-escalate violence.
By the end of the week, both sides said they were trying to de-escalate the dispute.
They learn how neutral language can de-escalate potentially volatile situations.
‘I suggest setting up a corps of specially trained European riot police that can work at an international level to de-escalate problems and, where needed, effectively quell violence,’ he said.
The main coalition of protesters has been endeavoring, at least most of the time, to de-escalate the mounting tension.
The aim is to de-escalate conflict and show we can be peacekeepers, but there comes a time if people are throwing bricks at you then you must put the helmets back on.
This couple, which is typical of our long-term couples, are real pros at being married and at using positive affect - like humor and gentle teasing - to de-escalate conflict.
The promise was made on November 8th in order to de-escalate the stand-off with police who were preparing to attack those inside the building as well as their supporters on the street.
All of the adults in the school contribute to a positive school culture by modeling positive communication, engaging in mutually respectful interactions and having the ability to de-escalate conflict.
On the other hand, it is arguably in the national interest to de-escalate tensions.