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dazzling / ослепительный
имя прилагательное
dazzling, glaring, meteoric, garish, candescent, incandescent
имя прилагательное
extremely bright, especially so as to blind the eyes temporarily.
the sunlight was dazzling
(of a bright light) blind (a person) temporarily.
she was dazzled by the headlights
While the upturn in fortunes is notable, what has been more impressive is the dazzling way they have managed it.
With dazzling , spring sunshine streaming into the dining area the venue looked very elegant.
Both Rampart and Azure swung at the same time, and a dazzling flash of light temporarily blinded Azure.
And of course the desire is to make a dazzling first impression.
Everyone was momentarily blind by the dazzling white light that emanated from the doorway.
Because this recipe was so dazzling , I'm going to reprint it here.
They walked in, the King in his great furs and mighty sword, and the Queen with her dazzling silk gowns and beautiful jewels covering her neck.
At first, I was blinded by dazzling white and blinked, looking away.
The four-part piece took up the gallery's largest room and made a dazzling first impression.
Then, in a dazzling display of hypocrisy, the senator spoke out.