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daze / изумление, слюда
имя существительное
amazement, astonishment, wonder, daze, bewilderment, wonderment
mica, isinglass, daze, isinglass-stone
astonish, amaze, astound, daze, stupefy, flabbergast
surprise, amaze, astonish, knock out, daze
stun, overwhelm, bemuse, numb, knock, daze
имя существительное
a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment.
he was walking around in a daze
make (someone) unable to think or react properly; stupefy; bewilder.
she was dazed by his revelations
They have been crying and just walking around in a daze since they found out he has gone.
He finished the season in a daze and spent the winter wondering what would happen next.
Again I was lost in a daze , staring at the boy who had caught my attention earlier.
I feel like I am in a daze , not knowing whether I am coming or going.
I went around in a daze , completely empty inside, for years, really.
he was walking around in a daze
We were in a daze , caught in a trance and she was sure the coffee was drugged.
She wasn't eating and wasn't going to classes, just lying in her bed as if in a daze .
A couple of days after the game, the man was found wandering in a daze around Lisbon airport.
Ivan was still in a daze from his sleep, and didn't notice that Joan was sitting in one of the chairs.