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daytime / дневное время, день
имя существительное
дневное время
daytime, day
day, daytime, sun
имя существительное
the time of the day between sunrise and sunset.
she was alone in the daytime
Much of the daytime is spent by the telephone waiting for bookings and confirmations.
She forbids her husband to sit on their bed in his daytime clothes in case he pollutes the duvet.
Please include your name, address, a daytime telephone number and email address if you have one.
Children and youth loiter around during the daytime because they have nothing else to do.
He said the daytime curfew was very restrictive and said they took a more lenient view.
a daytime telephone number
In the daytime he'd hide behind the curtains, but he'd fly around the room when it got dark.
He was on Radio One on Monday morning and invited on a daytime television chat show on Tuesday.
If you drink alone in the daytime then you don't have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of other people.
During the daytime , this route does not go as far as Manchester - so what use is it?