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daylight / дневной свет, рассвет, естественное освещение
имя существительное
дневной свет
daylight, light
dawn, dawning, daybreak, daylight, aurora, break of day
естественное освещение
имя существительное
the natural light of the day.
there were two hours of daylight left
used to emphasize the severity or thoroughness of an action.
my father beat the living daylights out of them
I returned at daylight
The roof of the protective shelter needs repairs to shut out the daylight streaming through.
The American forces were responsible for the daylight bombing, the British for nighttime bombing.
They worked from daylight to dusk to get it all ready.
Night passed and daylight began to creep over the horizon; the chirping of wild birds woke me.
Soon there was enough daylight filtering in to see their way clearly.
I definitely wanted the animal out of my driveway before daylight and the Monday morning carpool.
the growing daylight between himself and the leading jockey
It was daylight before Dusty had returned.
Because we had only oil lamps for light I only worked during daylight hours.