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day-to-day / повседневный
имя прилагательное
everyday, daily, casual, workaday, undress, day-to-day
имя прилагательное
happening regularly every day.
the day-to-day management of the classroom
имя существительное
an ordinary, everyday routine.
they have come to escape the day-to-day
on a daily basis.
the information to be traded is determined day-to-day
Never assume that other people will be interested in the banal day-to-day trivia of your mundane existence!
Too much heat is generated by day-to-day issues that focus concern on short-term fixes rather than long-term solutions.
He hopes to do bigger projects in the future but must always cope with the day-to-day necessities.
Plenty of real American cities, we found, are taking positive steps to soften the rough edges of our high-octane day-to-day .
On the face of it, it's just ordinary, day-to-day business.
Now, as the economy staggers and falters, day-to-day survival presses more harshly, which makes social commitment still tougher.
It's as if the poetry you write is what you don't seem to be able to express in your ordinary day-to-day transactions.
Although you are still intact, many of your dreams and plans for the future, as well as your day-to-day existence, may suddenly be unrecognizable bits and pieces.
The film opens with a glimpse into a world that we suppose to be pretty ordinary, where the day-to-day generally goes off without a hitch.
And down on the factory floor, under limited supervision, machines run the day-to-day .