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day-glo / день-glo
имя существительное
a fluorescent paint or other coloring.
This figure, too, is rendered in black silhouette on Day-Glo .
имя прилагательное
of or denoting very bright or fluorescent coloring.
wearing Day-Glo pink T-shirts
Have you still got that Day-Glo green Lycra dress?
This kit includes a heavy-gauge lunchbox, six colors of Day-Glo paint that glow in black light, a brush, plastic stencils and an illustrated tips and facts guide.
The Breeze-Man, decked out in some kind of bright orange Day-Glo sweatsuit, tells her to keep a good lookout.
This figure, too, is rendered in black silhouette on Day-Glo .
Thousands of police officers in Day-Glo jackets filled the city center.
The walls have all been painted brown, I notice, and the bedroom doors are coloured an acutely mind-expanding Day-Glo orange.
Fluorescent materials (like Day-Glo paint) only glow when excited by the ultraviolet light.
Where a patch of blue sky is not blue enough, Hutchinson fills it in with a Day-Glo yellow marker.
We had to go back and cut out the Day-Glo , then reapply it in the places where it worked.
The Day-Glo cap he's loaned me is too big.