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davit / шлюпбалка, фишбалка
имя существительное
davit, fish-davit
имя существительное
a small crane on board a ship, especially one of a pair for suspending or lowering a lifeboat.
The main points of interest on the three deck levels are the railings, lifeboat davits and companionways.
Standard equipment includes a 500-lb, capacity davit for raising and lowering a dinghy to the flybridge.
On deck was a complete section of superstructure, probably the accommodation block, and beside it a lifeboat davit encrusted in coral.
This action results from some of the on-board innovations such as an auxiliary winch to deploy the main winch, chain / davit hoists for heavy equipment/machinery and a grease operated track adjuster.
He thought the ‘Mast Wreck ‘was the one with all the davits, but then, all ships have davits .
Yellow lifeboats are ready for hoisting onto their davits ; each is a miniature ship - two stories high, 30 feet long.
The ship is lying on an even keel and swimming from the stern will take the diver under the lifeboat davits , past the galley and engine room doors and up the ladders to the chart room.
The 50-year-old Ukrainian was injured when a lifeboat he was in became insecure on its davits and dropped about 2ft while his ship was moored at Parkeston Quay.
As he finished fastening the dinghy in its davits Rose came alongside.
The man made it to the deck, but because of the steep pitch of the now sinking ship, the lifeboat swung in its davits and struck him in the head.
The two boarding and rescue craft are VT Halmatic Pacific 22 MkII boats, with dedicated single-man operation davits and RIB tracking systems.