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daunt / обескураживать, запугивать, устрашать
discourage, daunt, discountenance, damp, dash, wet-blanket
intimidate, bully, cow, browbeat, bluff, daunt
intimidate, daunt, appal, appall
make (someone) feel intimidated or apprehensive.
some people are daunted by technology
Meantime, the challenges of being Rector of Dundee should not daunt Kelly, with her empathetic skills, campaigning experience and endless enthusiasm.
There is no task that will daunt this dedicated team.
True, the country's problems would daunt any leader, but he has not addressed any of them effectively after a year in office.
Despite his troubles, he said, ‘While God gives me strength, failure will not daunt me.’
As far as going back into management is concerned, no it doesn't daunt me.
The prospect of transplant surgery does not daunt her.
Even the prospect of getting down to taxing schoolwork did not daunt Amy.
One month into her new role, she isn't daunted by the enormous challenge facing her.
The young sailor is not daunted in what will be his longest single handed spell at sea.
Iruwan admits that he is slightly daunted by the prospect of racing in front of his home crowd.