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daub / мазня, штукатурка, мазок
имя существительное
daub, scribble
plaster, plastering, stucco, parget, daub, pargeting
smear, swab, stroke, brushstroke, touch, daub
daub, bungling
coating, rendering, daub, parget
smear, smudge, daub, smutch
grime, soil, mess, daub, puddle, smutch
coat, daub, render, do over
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, daub
имя существительное
plaster, clay, or another substance used for coating a surface, especially when mixed with straw and applied to laths or wattles to form a wall.
square huts, mostly daub and wattle
a painting executed without much skill.
It's a natural assumption that his daubs and the words he writes in them and alongside them somehow inform one another, but that's to ignore the more telling effect writing has in his early work.
coat or smear (a surface) with a thick or sticky substance in a carelessly rough or liberal way.
she daubed her face with night cream
a daub of paint
This would be a fine accompaniment to a meal-sized toasted honey baked ham bagel, also filled with thick cut Swiss cheese, whole grain mustard, crisp lettuce and a daub of herb-speckled mayonnaise.
square huts, mostly daub and wattle
wattle and daub
Cooked on a circular grill, it's spread with a generous daub of Nutella and filled with chunks of papaya, avocado and banana.
On another occasion, Turner thought his own work appeared dull next to Constable's, so he added a daub of red paint to an otherwise grey landscape.
They were supported by bits of Granny Smith apple and a daub of pistachio purée.
So they slaughter a goat, daub Joseph's coat of many colours with blood and return to their father, feigning great sorrow at the unfortunate death of their poor brother Joseph.
Who knows if that was the reason persons unknown decided to daub the famous photo with paint.
According to one resident who contacted the Weekender, daub is also being dumped on the site, although it was not immediately visible and so could not be confirmed.