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dateline / указание места и даты статьи, выходные данные
имя существительное
указание места и даты статьи
выходные данные
output, imprint, publisher's imprint, printer's imprint, date-line
имя существительное
a line at the head of a dispatch or special article in a newspaper showing the date and place of writing.
This incident is not ripped from today's headlines, but from newspapers with a 1976 dateline .
mark (a dispatch or article) with a dateline.
But what is most interesting to me is that the article is an Associated Press dispatch, datelined Beirut.
A dateline is dishonest if the reporter is sitting at home, using the telephone or email to close the distance with the source.
You know, from Doha, from Central Command, it was a convenient dateline to wrap the big picture but without all the different elements, it would have been absolutely hopeless.
A close review of this article notes a future dateline of Feb. 13, 2005, with a later comment that the scenario is ‘undoubtedly just around the corner.’
Some journalists will put a dateline on a story even if the reporter never left the office.
Thus each of my 17 chapters begins with a dateline , as if it were a journalistic dispatch.
Make sure to include a name, news organization, and military unit or, if you're pointing us to an independent reporter, a recent dateline .
This incident is not ripped from today's headlines, but from newspapers with a 1976 dateline .
At least on stories beyond a newspaper's immediate coverage area, a dateline , in combination with a byline, means that the reporter gathered most of the information on the location.
The byline is Bumiller's and the dateline is Clive, IA, which means she was physically in Clive at some point, but you'd never know it.
Is it OK to use a dateline if the reporter did an interview in that town, even if it wasn't the most important interview of the story?