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dateless / вечный, недатированный, бесконечный
имя прилагательное
eternal, everlasting, perpetual, timeless, perennial, dateless
undated, dateless
endless, infinite, unending, perpetual, interminable, dateless
имя прилагательное
not clearly belonging to any particular period, therefore not likely to go out of date.
dateless dresses
not having, or incapable of having, social or romantic appointments or engagements.
dateless men reduce women to sex objects and dateless women become space-age scanners
Ms. Lauricella then commented about a dateless letter in the file that she felt had been inserted after the deadline.
I know I'm not you, and it may not be too comforting to hear from someone older and married, but I hope you'll at least take to heart the message that being dateless at 15 isn't fun, but it also doesn't have to ruin everything else.
I have never been dateless for a dance… in fact, excluding the times when I was dating EX there was usually a surplus that had to be dealt with.
I take the earliest opportunity of acknowledging the receipt of your dateless letter, and returning you my best thanks for it.
That's what they think men are - and that is why they will remain dateless .
The tale of the wanderers was Mr. Morris's own; all the rest are of the dateless heritage of our race, fairy tales coming to us, now "softly breathed through the flutes of the Grecians," now told by Sagamen of Iceland.
She's mad at me, but is she dumps me we'll both be dateless at the Ball.
But they are never out of fashion, since these clothes set their own fashion. ... They are dateless in a sense and, because they are carefully crafted.
Probably made too much of it and I let that get me… I guess I'll be the only dateless guy in the brigade, but that can't surprise me
The minister, in his dateless letter received by QTM on 7. August last year, recognised the industry is the mainstay of the Mareeba community.