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dated / датированный, устаревший, вышедший из употребления
имя прилагательное
dated, given
outdated, dated, outmoded, moldy, passe, fusty
вышедший из употребления
obsolete, extinct, dead, dated, out-of-use
имя прилагательное
marked with a date.
a signed and dated painting
a dated expression
establish or ascertain the date of (an object or event).
they date the paintings to 1460–70
indicate or expose as being old-fashioned.
disco—that word alone dates me
go out with (someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested).
my sister's pretty judgmental about the girls I date
The FDA letter, dated Jan. 10, said the ads made "unsubstantiated effectiveness claims."
Typically the earliest dated document rules; however the court may decide that there is no valid contract.
One man, clad only in a pair of dated swim trunks, is slowly edging himself into the water.
That Frank Lloyd Wright building, its quaint oddness and dated vision of the future now strike me as the perfect temple for the spirit of Marin.
They also don't cram dated pop-culture in-jokes down your throat like some film companies do.
The Chinese histories are the single most important source of information for writing a dated narrative of Uighur history.
Do these investigations of the face and body reach beyond the obscure and dated science of Duchenne, Charcot and their followers?
All dated 2003, these new works express her understanding of the importance of gesture in abstraction.
They looked all wrong in their dated glass case.
By a letter dated June 28, 2002 the respondent accepted the petitioner's offer to settle dated October 13, 2000.