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date / дата, срок, свидание
имя существительное
date, when
term, time, date, limitation, space
date, rendezvous, appointment, tryst, engagement
time, period, when, day, season, date
number, date, numeric, tally, tale
date, superannuate, outdate, outmode
вести начало
назначать свидание
ascend, rise, go up, go back, date back, date
имя существительное
the day of the month or year as specified by a number.
what's the date today?
a social or romantic appointment or engagement.
a college student on a date with someone he met in class
a sweet, dark brown, oval fruit containing a hard stone, often eaten dried.
However, she warned diabetics to be wary of fruits with moderate calorific values such as mango, pomegranate and jackfruit, and high calorie fruits such as dates and grapes.
the tall palm tree that bears clusters of dates, native to western Asia and North Africa.
Phoenix Sylvester Palm or Toddy Palm is very similar to the Canary Island Palm and the edible date palm .
establish or ascertain the date of (an object or event).
they date the paintings to 1460–70
indicate or expose as being old-fashioned.
disco—that word alone dates me
go out with (someone in whom one is romantically or sexually interested).
my sister's pretty judgmental about the girls I date
No, I'm off to see the fabulous Die So Fluid on their final date of their current tour.
Except, her date was fairly tall, and had to bend over so she could put her hand on his shoulder.
She found it strange how all they had to worry about was who got a date with whom and where they were going on Friday night.
a movie that will date quickly
they date the paintings to 1460–70
Eighteen, nineteen years old girls who were going to wild camps and hooking up with boys who probably knew quite a bit about what they wanted on a date .
If they're not strangers, they may be somebody that a woman meets on a date .
You must then date it and sign it in the presence of two witnesses.
I rang and they asked for my name, address, phone number and even my date of birth.
my date isn't going to show, it seems