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database / база данных, банк данных
имя существительное
база данных
database, data bank
банк данных
database, data bank
имя существительное
a structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.
This will search the surface Web, and will access the online databases to search for information there as well.
She had said that the ID card scheme was going to create a super database spying on us all.
The database can cluster data in a flexibly shaped container of submodules or circuit cells.
We are able to cross reference the information supplied by dealers with that on our database .
Data is entered online and can be downloaded into an Access database for analysis.
database systems
a database covering nine million workers
Big databases means big software and big computer systems, and these cost millions to develop and to maintain.
Mobile data will allow remote access to all the databases and software applications a firm can muster.
Access to computer databases mean instant checks can be carried out.
States that fail to link up their databases will become ineligible for federal money.