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databank / банк данных, база данных
имя существительное
банк данных
database, data bank
база данных
database, data bank
имя существительное
a large repository of data on a particular topic, sometimes formed from more than one database, and accessible by many users.
Neuroinformatics projects that serve as databanks or repositories implement a variety of procedures to improve data quality.
As new exit-poll data has entered the VNS databank and the statisticians have updated their numbers, so too have my correspondents delivered the latest results to me.
Jane Vance looked on in surprise as the bookseller turned to an elderly laptop computer and entered search data into a databank program.
A team of young men worked on shifts feeding all the gathered data into a databank , which was constantly processed by the machine to identify special visitors who required special attention.
The prevalence of smoking in the databank is derived from clinical data and is substantially lower than the prevalence rate obtained by our research nurses, possibly because the women were more honest with the research nurses.
For the proteins studied in this paper, the MSAs were obtained from the HSSP database for those proteins present in the protein databank .
The billboards - in Palo Alto, Daly City and Fremont - will pick up which radio stations are being played and then instantly access a vast databank of information about the people who typically listen to those stations.
A website is also being created and a CV databank compiled to encourage companies and firms to employ differently abled persons within new sectors like garments and IT.
Last night, it emerged that on the same day as the raid, computer files belonging to the British consultant investigating the oil-for-food scandal were destroyed by hackers and a back-up databank in his Baghdad office wiped out.
Though this device was small in size, it was programmed to be a very resourceful and efficient form of artificial-intelligence, carrying within its databanks a limitless amount of knowledge.
The gathering and holding of personal information on computers, databanks and other devices, whether by public authorities or private individuals or bodies, must be regulated by law.