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dashed / ринуться, мчаться, бросаться
dash, dart, lunge, lash, fling out, pelt
rush, race, dash, tear, slip along, sweep
rush, fling, swoop, plunge, dash, throw oneself
имя прилагательное
used for emphasis.
it's a dashed shame
(of a line on a piece of paper) composed of dashes.
The branches that were constrained are indicated by dashed lines.
run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.
I dashed into the garden
strike or fling (something) somewhere with great force, especially so as to have a destructive effect; hurl.
the ship was dashed upon the rocks
Normal plasma concentrations are indicated in dashed lines.
Branches for PAIs shown in dashed lines indicate models with the largest RMSD values and lowest confidence
The branches that were constrained are indicated by dashed lines.
In Figure 13, the solid lines represent fractures, whereas the dashed lines represent internal growth bands.
The dashed lines represent four residues present in the S. cerevisiae sequence that are missing from the C. albicans protein.
Recombination events are indicated by dashed oblique lines.
The upper sequence boundaries will be drawn in thick black lines and the lower sequence boundaries will be drawn in thinner dashed black lines.
A dashed line, for instance, represents the most tenuous relationship, whereas a jagged line denotes a conflicted one.
The joint separating these coronoids is indistinct, and its general course only is indicated with a dashed line in Figure 6.1.
Holyrood palace is teeming with life, and the dashed thing about it is that the grouse season hasn't even opened yet.