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dash / тире, рывок, черта
имя существительное
dash, blank
jerk, spurt, dash, tug, snatch, yank
feature, line, dash, stroke, trace, side
dash, dart, lunge, lash, fling out, pelt
rush, race, dash, tear, slip along, sweep
rush, fling, swoop, plunge, dash, throw oneself
имя существительное
an act of running somewhere suddenly and hastily.
she made a dash for the door
a small quantity of a substance, especially a liquid, added to something else.
whiskey with a dash of soda
a horizontal stroke in writing or printing to mark a pause or break in sense, or to represent omitted letters or words.
This book's a success, it's true, even though it's about commas, apostrophes, colons, dashes and other marks.
impetuous or flamboyant vigor and confidence; panache.
he has youthful energy, dash, and charisma
run or travel somewhere in a great hurry.
I dashed into the garden
strike or fling (something) somewhere with great force, especially so as to have a destructive effect; hurl.
the ship was dashed upon the rocks
used to express mild annoyance.
“ Dash it all , I am in charge.”
Kittichai brings a taste of Bangkok, with a dash of international fusion, to Soho.
You have to take your eyes off the road, look down to twiddle a knob then check the screen on the dash , all to find the right function.
The dash is nicely finished in silver metal effect and there are plenty of cubbyholes for storage, even a shelf above the driver's head, although the glovebox is tiny.
A London journalist has summed up the divergencies of the eight teams concerned in the current cup ties in this way: Aston Villa - Clever without much dash or abandon.
We appreciated just how well milk, chocolate powder (if tastes allow, a dash of coffee) go with rum or vodka, a cold shake with a kick.
Jason Fedee won the men's 100 metre dash with Mandela Clifford second.
Oh dash it... I think I got a problem!
Brimming with this new dash of energy, Darteil just needed one more psychological push.
Winger Chris Watts was soon in action with a determined touchline dash as the second half began and Sinfield was again to the fore with a barging 20-metre burst.
A predatory fish may eat it, or a strong current may dash it against a rock.