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darwinism / дарвинизм, учение Дарвина
имя существительное
учение Дарвина
имя существительное
the theory of the evolution of species by natural selection advanced by Charles Darwin.
The Christians seem to be allowed less difficulty in accepting evolutionism in general and Darwinism in particular.
For us as scientists, natural selection and Darwinism are essentially synonymous.
There are many Christian evolutionists, and many ways to reconcile Christianity with Darwinism .
As Fuller sees it, Darwinism is being taught as dogma and intelligent design acts as a ‘critical foil’ to those ideas.
It was inevitable that Darwinism and its later development into the science of genetics should face fierce opposition from theologians.
They say that Darwinism is not about how life got started, but rather, how life evolved.
He seems to be saying that there is evolution but that Darwinism is not the explanation.
Acceptance of Darwinism and rejection of religion were critical for the new movements of communism.
The combination of Darwinism and molecular biology has created the orthodoxy known as neo-Darwinism.
The big bang and Darwinism are two halves, physical and biological, of an atheistic origins myth.
Margulis and Sagan say that Darwinism never really addresses where new species come from.