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darter / змеешейка, метатель дротика
имя существительное
darter, snakebird
метатель дротика
имя существительное
a small North American freshwater fish, the male of which may develop bright coloration during the breeding season.
In addition to whitefish bull trout will feed on sculpins, darters or other trout and where applicable, salmon fry.
More than 200 species of birds are also found here, including the rare Storm's stork and the oriental darter , kingfishers and raptors such as the crested serpent eagle.
Snorkelers observed only one benthic fish, a darter (Ethostoma or Percina spp.), in a smallmouth bass nest in Lake Opeongo.
The only species present in Clyde Creek were blacknose shiner, Iowa darter , central mudminnow, and pearl dace.
The small, brilliantly colored vermilion darter , a fish found only in a single tributary in Alabama, is nearing extinction because of habitat destruction and a decline in water quality.
The darter , found most often in the thin streams flowing throughout the training area, is a small 2-inch long fish that eats insect larvae.
Too much sedimentation can affect the habitat of darters and associated fish species by making urban streams and lakes unsuitable for feeding and reproduction.
Using their two large pairs of long, flat, stiff-rayed fins, the darters cling to the base of the vertical rock surface while still underwater, then inch themselves upward with strong lateral movements.
Because water quality in the Elk River is improving, and because we have discovered ways to provide additional habitat in the form of natural slabrocks, more areas in the Elk River are ready for boulder darters .
The evolutionary relationships of anhingas and darters remain unclear.
Too, a tract devoid of any winged life other than dragonflies and mosquitoes this week might just be covered with the feathered gray darters come the first of September.