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dart / дартс, дротик, дротики
имя существительное
darts, dart
dart, javelin, spear, assegai, assagai
dash, dart, lunge, lash, fling out, pelt
throw, hurl, cast, shoot, launch, dart
имя существительное
a small pointed missile that can be thrown or fired.
Research is also being carried out in England into the possible use of tasers, which fire darts connected to a wire that carries an electrical current powerful enough to incapacitate the target.
an act of running somewhere suddenly and rapidly.
the cat made a dart for the door
a tapered tuck stitched into a garment in order to shape it.
Beginning at the dart point, stitch to the dart cut end; backstitch and clip the threads.
move or run somewhere suddenly or rapidly.
she darted across the street
They perch on low shrubs or rocks, and dart out to grab prey from the air, the foliage, or the ground.
She grinned and turned on her heel, ready to bolt down the hallway and dart her way out of the prison.
Williams and Fitton have been good pals for years, have thrown the odd dart in friendly combat, but this was the first time they had come face to face in matchplay.
the cat made a dart for the door
Her whole nature seemed sharpened and intensified into a pure dart of hate.
Others assembled crossbows whose bows were of the finest black spring steel, that could hurl a dart with such force as would kill a fully armoured destrier with a single shot.
It was all sharp, but good-humoured; he once made a paper dart of a poem that George had written and threw it across the room.
the cat made a dart for the door
Black dashes dart across the screen, like grains of wild rice shaken on a sheet of paper.
Mario for example went 180 180 60 and just landed his 8th dart beside the wire in the treble 7 on his attempt.