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darning / штопка, штопанье, вещи, нуждающиеся в штопанье
имя существительное
darn, darning, mending
вещи, нуждающиеся в штопанье
имя существительное
the skill or activity of one who darns.
long hours of tedious darning
mend (knitted material or a hole in this) by weaving yarn across the hole with a needle.
I don't expect you to darn my socks
the nuns had taught her darning
She was sitting in the overstuffed leather armchair, concentrating on her darning , but painfully aware of the man who was sitting in a similar chair no more than three feet away from her.
The tone of his voice, somehow both troubled and amused, brought Francesca's head up from her darning and she stared at him, her cheeks colouring. ‘I was concentrating on my work, that's all.’
long hours of tedious darning
Aunt Edie bent her head to her darning
thin darning wool
Gideon could see the places where the silver was wearing off the cane and he noticed a good deal of clumsy darning on the inside of the cloak, as though the lining had come away from the backing several times.
In addition to darning and plain sewing, she provided instruction in fancy needlework, tambouring, and embroidery in silk and worsted.
Aunt Edie bent her head to her darning