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darling / дорогой, милый, любимый
имя прилагательное
expensive, dear, costly, darling, precious, pricey
cute, dear, nice, sweet, darling, lovely
favorite, loved, beloved, pet, darling, dear
имя существительное
darling, sweet, sweet one, turtledove
beloved, darling, sweet, sweet one
favorite, pet, darling, fondling, minion, cosset
имя прилагательное
his darling wife
имя существительное
used as an affectionate form of address to a beloved person.
good night, my darling
During his relatively short but immensely eventful life Eric Knight went from working in a bottle factory to become the darling of Hollywood, and a friend of Eleanor Roosevelt.
Even beautiful men with damaged hearts and darling little girls needed friends.
The onus is on you to put magic into each moment spent in your darling 's company.
You are a smart, darling, self-sufficient, loving woman who wants a smart, darling loving man.
The French documents uncovered by the St Andrews team reveal that from the moment Mary arrived in France in 1548, she was welcomed as the darling of the court.
This winning combination, plus a willingness to play fast and loose with her image, has made her the darling of the fashion cognoscenti as well as film anoraks.
Shares in Bezos's company, which was the darling of the internet stock market investor, fell to be worth under $70.
‘I love you so much, my darling Sanura,’ Kira whispered blissfully.
But tomorrow's results should go some way towards restoring investors' faith in the company which only two years ago was the darling of the City.
A number of our friends lined up for cuddles with the wee darling , and several photos of people who we had not hitherto suspected of being clucky fussing Rebecca now exist.