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darkroom / темная комната
имя существительное
темная комната
darkroom, dim room
имя существительное
a room from which normal light is excluded, used for developing photographs.
A boy develops photographs in the school darkroom .
I also made color separation negatives from color transparencies by enlarging in the darkroom .
The glossy whiteness, cast with the yellow or red of the darkroom 's safelight, begins to stir with a vague smoky shadow.
Her class had been working in the darkroom , developing their pictures.
Then he again disappeared into the darkroom to develop the plate.
In a darkroom floating in a bath of developer an image slowly materializes.
I recently constructed a new darkroom and built one of these UV exposure units into it.
Many years ago I experimented with black & white photography in the darkroom .
Holding the dripping print in her hand Tang left the darkroom to see it in the white lights.
She then opened the door and stepped back into the dim red light of the darkroom .
Then it was straight off to the darkroom to run off photographs of our esteemed educators in various sizes.