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darkness / темнота, мрак, темень
имя существительное
darkness, dark, blackness, night, obscurity, gloom
darkness, gloom, obscurity, night, murk, shadow
имя существительное
the partial or total absence of light.
the office was in darkness
wickedness or evil.
the forces of darkness
We are fast drifting into an era of great spiritual darkness !
The men later move to the porch when darkness falls, apparently taking advantage of the cool night weather.
Can one colour adequately depict the twists and turns of fate, the moments of chance and mis-chance, the shades of light and darkness that have shaped your destiny?
It tries to avoid both strong light and total darkness .
He could only think of the future, gloom and darkness without her.
May its vision and hope sustain us in our moments of darkness .
the forces of darkness
It was a typically sunny February afternoon in Delhi, but I felt a cloud of impenetrable darkness .
But the lift stopped between floors, and the lights went off - we were plunged into total darkness .
Stepping carefully from the end of the tunnel into near total darkness Reed followed a pinprick of light.