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darkly / мрачно, загадочно, злобно
darkly, gloomily, mournfully, drearly, louringly
malevolently, malignantly, darkly
in a threatening, mysterious, or ominous way.
“You can't trust him,” said Jacob darkly
with a dark color.
a figure silhouetted darkly against the trees
The colours are as crisp as can be remembered and the darkly lit interiors are presented with a clarity impossible to achieve on video.
And true to the Lieutenant's word, seconds later a vast array of darkly coloured ships emerged from the even deeper black of space.
The room was darkly lit and the amorphous silhouettes littered about in the shadows made it claustrophobic.
Carolyn Jones was wonderful as his darkly mysterious and sexy wife Morticia, slinking around in her figure-hugging, full-length black dress.
The Chancellor could also hint darkly at the possibility of a windfall tax on the oil companies.
Conservatives hint darkly of trouble ahead if the constitution goes into effect.
Here, against the lingering light of a winter afternoon, I have often watched, fascinated, as the darkly silhouetted harriers glide in just above the reeds.
The humanism was still there, but it was now pessimistic and darkly existential.
His Sweeney is arresting, ominous, darkly humorous, and scary in just the right proportions, and, in the end, thoroughly moving.
To Howard's mind those last words sounded darkly ominous.