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darkling / в темноте, во мраке
в темноте
at dark, darkling
во мраке
имя прилагательное
находящийся в темноте
находящийся во мраке
darkening, darkling, nigrescent
имя прилагательное
of or relating to growing darkness.
the darkling sky
In the late afternoon and well on into the darkling evening Graham pottered happy as something that's very happy indeed, pulling out the winter wall-flowers, planting out the new salvias, and potting up the grasses and the thrift.
One evening recently I was walking with 2-year-old Kaya in the light of sunset when she pointed to the western sky above the darkling mountains and shouted: ‘Pink!’
A cold wind fell out of the darkling , late-autumn sky, rushing down the sides of the little valley and bumping into the house with a start.
When I got back I sat for a while, enjoying a ciggy, and watching the water fowl settling for the night on the darkling waters.
We had, after all, assembled at the Winnock Hotel, on the darkling winter banks of Loch Lomond, for an evening of ‘murder-mystery entertainment’.