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darken / темнеть, затемнять, темнить
darken, grow dark, darkle, lower, lour, overcast
darken, obscure, dim, black out, obfuscate, dim out
darken, muddle
make or become dark or darker.
the sky was darkening rapidly
make or become gloomy, angry, or unhappy.
his mood darkened
The Rovers did not miss Peter's signal, and their mood seemed to darken .
An infusion of sage or rosemary is also used in hair care as it can add shine to dark hair and, when mixed with black tea, can darken dark hair.
darken the eyebrows with black powder
The professor's eyes went to the rest of the class, and the atmosphere seemed to darken slightly.
He regularly visited her grave and the mention of her name always caused a flicker of intense sadness to darken his eyes.
As soon as she stepped into the room Kim felt her mood darken , it was her mum, Kay.
His brilliant blue eyes would darken and the expression on his face became intense just before he would kiss her.
Through his words, I could feel his mood darken .
darken the eyebrows with black powder
However, his eyes had darkened dangerously and she could not tell with what emotion.