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dark / темно
имя прилагательное
dark, obscure, deep, black, murky, shadowy
black, dark, sable, ebon, smutty
gloomy, dark, grim, bleak, dismal, somber
имя существительное
darkness, dark, blackness, night, obscurity, gloom
dark, gloom, obscurity, cloud
shadow, shade, ghost, loom, dark, reflection
имя прилагательное
with little or no light.
it's too dark to see much
(of a color or object) not reflecting much light; approaching black in shade.
dark green
(of a period of time or situation) characterized by tragedy, unhappiness, or unpleasantness.
the dark days of the war
denoting a velarized form of the sound of the letter l (as in pull ).
English has two allophones for /l/, "light/clearl" and " dark l". I am conducting a study on the distribution of these two allophones.
имя существительное
the absence of light in a place.
Carolyn was sitting in the dark
a dark color or shade, especially in a painting.
Brian sees the world in black and white, and Caravaggio painted in lights and darks .
He was wearing a black jacket with white reflection marks, dark blue jeans and trainers.
He had deep wrinkles in his face and his dark , angry eyes were hidden under thick eyebrows.
An irritated glare adorned his otherwise striking face, dark and morose and very, very angry.
If you've never seen the film and have a taste for esoteric dark comedies, give this one a spin.
They power dress in stern, cut suits, usually in dark colours such as black, grey or navy.
Almost instantly Rebecca and her stopped screaming and stared at the dark girl.
He was in his teens from what I saw; he had black hair, dark skin, and deep brown eyes.
I'm not just defending the Wii, I'm defending all gaming consoles from ignorant people. Now here's where you can either remain in your dark ignorant state, or give in to the truth.
But her latest book, The Wish House is a return to her first love: the scare story, the tale of dark secrets.
The three decades of Nicholas's rule came to be regarded as a particularly dark period of Russian history.