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dare / дерзать, сметь, посметь
dare, venture
имя существительное
call, challenge, invocation, summons, defiance, dare
имя существительное
a challenge, especially to prove courage.
athletes who eat ground glass on a dare
have the courage to do something.
a story he dare not write down
defy or challenge (someone) to do something.
she was daring him to disagree
take the risk of; brave.
few dared his wrath
There's the time Morrieson drove his car along the main trunk line for a dare .
Moffit was not the kind of man to make a brag or take a dare or issue a challenge.
It is believed the youngsters started climbing as a dare .
swap with me, I dare you
He felt like a schoolboy on a dare , though he admitted he would have been much more afraid had he been a schoolboy at that time.
I had randomly approached him and had a little conversation with him due to a dare Riley had challenged me to.
Crazy South African Guy, on a dare , drank five cans of Coke in under ten minutes.
Glenn Hughes was a toll collector at the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel until he auditioned for the San Francisco band on a dare .
His start came at the tender age of 18 when he began performing stand-up comedy on a dare from his University dorm mates.
a story he dare not write down