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dangle / мотаться, болтаться, свисать
dangle, wander, fuss about
hang out, dangle, dangle around, hover, slosh
hang, droop, hang down, dangle, sag, trail
hang or swing loosely.
saucepans dangled from a rail
She makes no effort to hide the coils that dangle loosely at her side.
The point of attaching the parachute bridle to the carabineer is that then you can dangle from the hang glider as you come down under chute.
He put her limp left arm across her body so that it wouldn't dangle loosely, harming the joint, and lifted her up.
the defence portfolio could be the carrot to dangle before him
Jamie Hughes never imagined employers would dangle job offers and signing bonuses six months before her college graduation.
That's an enticement the federal government shouldn't allow states to dangle before these women.
With her head lowered, the girl shuffled on down into the halls, her hands dangling loosely by her sides.
Cab drivers seem to have a pathological need to fill their cabs with dangly air fresheners.
From this Asian gift shop I also bought some trashy earrings - some with dangly fake diamonds and emeralds.
He hung from the crossbar, his legs dangling uselessly in mid air.