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danger / опасность, угроза, гроза
имя существительное
danger, hazard, peril, menace, jeopardy, gravity
threat, danger, menace, impendence, imminence, denunciation
thunderstorm, storm, danger, terror
имя существительное
the possibility of suffering harm or injury.
his life was in danger
With pipes frozen, there was danger that the back boiler on his fire would explode.
his life was in danger
There is also the danger that the scheduled transfer of power by the end of June will fail to materialize.
there was no danger of the champagne running out
There is the danger that Tate Britain could look very provincial in its concerns and its displays.
Anyone seeing other birds in danger on the river can contact the charity.
They argued that the development put the health and safety of employees and road users in the area in danger .
Thames Coastguard at Walton said swimmers had been getting out of their depth and putting their lives in danger .
Tips are given on how pupils can make sure they are safe in everyday situations, and what they should do if they think they are in danger .
There is also the danger that young players can subconsciously go out there just hoping not to lose rather than thinking we can win.