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dandruff / перхоть
имя существительное
dandruff, dander, scurf, furfur
имя существительное
small pieces of dead skin in a person's hair.
How conscious people have become about skin and acne and about hair and dandruff .
It came to pass of late, that my jacket lapels were showing some spots of dandruff , a minor ailment that even the Pharaohs had to cope with.
Don't confuse dandruff with dry hair even though men with dandruff often have dry scalp.
Just distinguishing between nits and flakes of dandruff is difficult, especially on blond hair.
Dry dandruff appears silvery and white while greasy flakes appear pale yellowish and may have an unpleasant smell.
The problem that appears to be dandruff could be psoriasis or a more severe form of dandruff , seborrheic dermatitis.
And I know this shampoo is good because I have used it and it really does remove dandruff .
If you find dandruff still a problem, rosemary or nutmeg oils massaged into the scalp can be effectively used to control this condition.
A small amount of the warmed oil can be used to treat dry scalp dandruff .
Her greasy brown hair was held back in pigtails flaked with dandruff , and congealed hair grease.
Nits stick to the hair while things like dandruff and dried hairspray flakes can be blown away.