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dander / перхоть, злость, раздражение
имя существительное
dandruff, dander, scurf, furfur
anger, spite, malice, dander
irritation, annoyance, exasperation, anger, annoying, dander
имя существительное
lose one's temper.
People like to be inflamed, get their dander up , and the problem is, it's too easy.
skin flakes in an animal's fur or hair.
House dust mites, pollens, animal dander , and other allergy-causing agents can be reduced, although not eliminated, through regular cleaning.
this doesn't half get my dander up
If you are allergic to dust, mold, animal dander , or other year-round allergens, there are some modifications of your environment that may help.
For many if not most people with asthma, a major cause of their asthma is an allergy to airborne substances such as pollen, mold, dust mites and animal dander .
Unfortunately, strict avoidance of animal allergens is practically impossible, because even if domestic animals are not in the home there is still a possibility of significant exposure due to transfer of animal dander in public places.
we'll take a bit of a dander and get the fresh air
But animal dander (skin flakes), saliva, urine, and feathers can cause allergic reactions.
Allergy is an overreaction to environmental pollens, mites in house dust, animal dander , molds, and foods.
This cleaning team, although satisfactory in every other way, was apparently the source of animal dander that caused an exacerbation of atopic symptoms in the family.
Asthma develops only in people with a genetic predisposition toward it, but that predisposition is made manifest when triggered by environmental conditions such as smoke, animal dander , and air pollution.
Other substances that can cause hives and angioedema include pollen, animal dander , latex and substances injected into your skin from insect stings.