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dan / господин, сударь, буек
имя существительное
lord, master, gentleman, mister, sir, dan
sir, effendi, dan
buoy, dan
имя существительное
any of ten degrees of advanced proficiency in judo or karate.
He joined the highly-touted Waseda Judo Club, advancing to the rank of fourth dan by his senior year.
a small marker buoy with a lightweight flagpole.
The short first beat to a dan buoy near the Steamboat Museum gave an indication of unpredictable conditions.
имя существительное
(in the Bible) a Hebrew patriarch, son of Jacob and Bilhah.
His system of Judo is fully described in his book My Method of Judo written when he was a 7th dan and published in English in 1955.
Chris Pate, a black belt first dan in Amayo Kai karate, has already smashed his way through 50 concrete blocks and last year fended off a Samurai attack by his wife in a thrilling demonstration of martial arts.
in five years' time they can become a black belt second dan
Later he was awarded his seventh dan in the organization.
One day a navy man confronted me, a person said to be a 7th dan holder in Kendo.
For Hinton is a fourth dan in aikido, a Japanese martial art which puts emphasis on self-belief and inner focus.
Today, the 23-year-old second dan will be competing with the best in the world in one of the most esoteric martial arts on the planet.
Eventually those who receive kyu and dan rankings as a result of the popularization of Aikido will end up at Hombu.
Richard, a black belt second dan , took up the martial art of shotokan after being bullied in junior school, and found it boosted his confidence.
He holds a 2nd dan in aikido and studies at the Northeast Aikikai, Chelmsford, MA.