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damson / чернослив, мелкая черная слива, красновато-синий цвет
имя существительное
prune, damson, French plum
мелкая черная слива
красновато-синий цвет
имя существительное
a small purple-black plumlike fruit.
European-type plums include the prunes and damsons : ‘Italian’ and ‘Stanley’ are two of the most famous.
the small deciduous tree that bears the damson fruit, probably derived from the bullace.
The reserve contains the remains of an apple and damson orchard.
There was great cheese, baked rice with damson jam and nutmeg and golden syrup pudding.
Britain took a more prominent role than other European countries in developing the cultivation of improved kinds of damson .
Swoop on the remaining bottles of this brilliant discounted sweet damson plum-packed red, 50 per cent garnacha to 50 per cent tempranillo.
IT is damson blossom time in the Lyth Valley and Damson Day is a celebration of this very fact.
There are damsons in other parts of the British Isles, but the flavour of the smaller Westmorland damson is said to be second to none.
In fact, he bought the wood today, but damson picking and jelly making prevented him starting on that project yet.
Autumnal shades abound, burnished orange; mauve; burnt umber; ochre; sage green and damson , preferably all in the one outfit.
They sat at the small table before the fire and feasted on roast beef, stewed winter vegetables, chunks of fine white bread, and damson preserves.
The reserve contains the remains of an apple and damson orchard.
Add the brandy and flambé. Add damson purée so that the breasts are lightly coated all over.