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dampen / затушить, отсыревать, спустить жар в печи
dampen, damp, damp down
спустить жар в печи
damp, damp down, dampen
make slightly wet.
the fine rain dampened her face
make less strong or intense.
nothing could dampen her enthusiasm
But higher interest rates and the abolition of mortgage interest tax relief in April could dampen demand and reduce house price inflation.
Murky sound and a half-capacity crowd couldn't dampen their spirits and pockets of the Brit-pop faithful were cheering throughout the venue.
However, the purpose in inserting the stimulator is to dampen or reduce continuous neuropathic pain which is pain derived from nerve structures.
nothing could dampen her enthusiasm
Scattered showers and cool breezes failed to dampen the championship spirit as the 147th Great Yorkshire Show drew to a close.
However, scientists are trying to dampen down any fears about the spread of the disease which so far has not mutated into a form that can spread among humans.
Mr Palaszczuk said the Queensland Centre for Climate Applications predicted much needed rain was unlikely to dampen our soil.
I have one quibble, but that's with the engineering, where the balance of the cello sonata's first movement allows the piano to dampen the cello often to mere buzzing.
Rain helping to dampen the fire that was raging out of control there last week.
It is possible they could dampen down the rocketing prices of real estate.