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damned / проклятый, треклятый, чертовский
имя прилагательное
cursed, damned, damned, accursed, goddamn, darn
damn, devilish, fucking, helluva, damned, plaguy
имя прилагательное
(in Christian belief) condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell.
the spirits of the damned
used for emphasis, especially to express anger or frustration.
it's none of your damned business
(in Christian belief) be condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell.
be forever damned with Lucifer
condemn, especially by the public expression of disapproval.
intellectuals whom he damns as rigid doctrinaire idealists
C.S. Lewis noted in The Great Divorce the peculiar desire of the damned spirits on holiday to want to * extend * hell.
They're all right and it's a damned shame that they're getting such a bad press.
Shame the experience was wasted, given that I can't remember a damned thing!
Christ is the Divine Judge, a still point in the vortex of the living and the dead, the elect levitating to eternal life, the damned descending into the dark abyss.
Saint Michael advances towards the viewer, while the damned souls tumble, shrieking, into hell.
For unless I can fulfill my penance, I too will suffer the torments of the damned as revealed by the holy words of Saint John, the Divine.
If she is pregnant she's probably sick to death of answering useless, annoying questions, the replies to which, to be frank, are none of your damned business.
Did Ivan really have business to attend to every damned day or did he just have a reason for avoiding them?
The saved would feast on the sight of the sufferings of the damned .
He rejects the ideas that hell will be emptied at the end of time and that the damned souls and demons will be reconciled with God.